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How to Remove Candle Wax With Ease

Removing candle wax doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you use the right techniques. When candle wax drips or accidentally spills over onto something, there will be various ways to remove it depending on the type of surface. Drips or spills on fabric or carpet will be treated differently than those on glass, brick, and other harder and textured surfaces.

You can remove candle wax with ease when you use the right approach and follow these simple directions.


If you have a favorite blouse, pants, or shirt that has suffered splatters from a candle, you want to quickly put the garment in your freezer for about a half-hour. Take the garment from the freezer and scrape away the wax. Once you have done that, take a warm iron and a paper bag to further remove the stain. Move the iron over the bag directly where the stain has occurred.

Once the wax has been lifted, apply liquid detergent right on the stain and wash the garment as usual. If the stain is still there, use a stain remover formulated for washable fabrics.


Carpet seems to be one surface area where wax drips and spills most often occur. To remove drips or spills, grab a paper bag and put it over the wax. Set your iron on a low setting and glide it over the bag where the wax has spilled. The paper should absorb the wax and help remove it from the carpet.

You can also use a white cloth in place of the paper. Use alcohol to remove any remaining residue.


Removing wax from your natural wood coffee table, end table, or dresser is an easy process. Just soften the wax with a hand-held blow dryer and then wipe away any residue with a soft white cloth. You don’t want to dig at the wax as damage can occur to the piece.

You can also use an ice cube to harden the wax and then scrape it away from the wood with a plastic ruler or old credit card. Use a creamy furniture wax to eliminate any residue.


Wax that melts and dries on computer and television screens requires the use of ice cubes. The cold from the ice will stiffen the wax enough to remove it or pop it off in one piece. If that doesn’t work, use a citrus-based remover or mineral spirits to remove the wax. Again, be careful not to scratch your screen by digging at it.

Sinks and Bath Areas

Removing wax from sinks and bathtub areas can be tricky as you don’t want to scratch or damage them. Use an old plastic credit card or a plastic scraper to gently scrape away the wax. Carefully apply boiling water to loosen any remaining wax. Once clear, wipe the areas clean with a soft cloth. 


In removing wax from painted wall areas, place two or three sheets of paper towel over the spots where the wax has dripped and dried. Use a warm iron on a low setting and glide the iron over the paper towels in continuous spurts. Any wax should directly transfer to the paper towels.

If that doesn’t work, try using a hairdryer and wipe away any remaining melted wax with a soft cloth.


When removing wax from glass, scrape off any excess first. Next, use a blow dryer on medium heat and direct the blower towards the wax. You want the wax to soften up before you wipe it away with a clean, soft cloth.

Finally, wash the area with hot water and soap to remove any residue. Dry the area with a lint-free cloth.

Brick or Stone

Brick and stonework areas often experience drips and spills from wax. Never try to rub the wax into either of these surfaces. First, freeze the wax with ice cubes and scrape away what you can with a flat blade knife. Once you have removed most of the wax, you’ll probably have to go back with a citrus concentrate to get rid of any remaining wax. After that, wash the brick or stonework with warm soap and water and allow them to air dry.

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