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What Is An “En Suite” Bathroom?

You may have heard the term ‘en suite’ a lot while scrolling on real estate websites or while looking to book a hotel. But you may still be unsure what it means. An en suite bathroom is a bathroom that is only connected to a bedroom, with no other access from common areas of the house. En suite bathrooms are very sought after as they add a touch of luxury to any bedroom and increase properties’ value.

Traditionally speaking, en suite bathrooms have a shower. However, they often have a bath nowadays. An en suite may also have only a toilet and sink. However, as these bathrooms are a luxury feature, seeing this two-piece bathroom as an en suite is quite uncommon. The average size of an en suite is 1200mm wide and 2100mm long.

Any bathroom connected solely to a bedroom can be an en suite. Inside homes, they are very often found in the master bedroom. If a house has two bathrooms on the second floor, most likely, one of them is an en suite in the master bedroom. However, any house bedroom could have an en suite bathroom.

What Does En Suite Mean?

The language may be a bit confusing. ‘En suite’ means ‘afterward’ in French. However, this was adapted in English to say ‘in the room.’

Nowadays, en suite globally refers to either a bedroom connected to a bathroom (often referred to as ‘en suite bedroom’ or simply ‘en suite’) or to a bathroom connected to a bedroom. You would call such a bathroom an ‘en suite bathroom.’ En suite is quite a European term, mainly used in the UK. The American equivalent is often ‘master bathroom.’

Why Are En Suite Bathrooms Popular?

Adding an en suite bathroom to an existing room, especially to the master bedroom, is a desirable home improvement project. An en suite bathroom not only adds boutique hotel vibes to your home but is actually very useful. It is convenient for couples or guests, as they don’t have to go to the shared areas of the house, particularly at night. Sometimes you just want to relax and not leave your room!

Do En Suites Add Value to Properties?

According to a study by Nationwide Building Society, en suite bathrooms can add as much as 5% to the value of a home. Building one is a great investment. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of privacy and convenience, but you will also add considerable value to your property compared to other types of renovation.

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