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Kitchen Design Ideas: 9 Brilliant Decor Suggestions

Are you looking to update your kitchen?

The latest kitchen trends aren’t one-size-fits-all, which means it’s even easier to find the style that suits your decorating tastes perfectly.

For inspiration, check out these 9 brilliant kitchen design decor ideas. From traditional to minimalist to modern, we’ll take you through the color palette, unique features, and how to recreate the look. 

#1: Warm and Inviting

Interior of kitchen in rustic style with vintage kitchen ware and wooden wall. White furniture and wooden decor in bright cottage indoor.

Natural woods, open shelving, white cabinetry, and touches of black accessories and hardware give this kitchen a warm and rustic cottage or farmhouse feel. 

What sets this kitchen apart is the natural-wood countertop that blends seamlessly into the matching shiplap wall. It ramps up visual interest while also calming the senses. The white, black, and natural color combo keeps the look cohesive yet is the ideal backdrop for pops of color that will enliven the space.

Recreate this look by installing open shelving on upper walls that match the painted white lower cabinets. Keep wood tones natural by only using a clear sealant to protect and enhance the grain. 

#2: Contemporary Twist

Beautiful Kitchen in New Luxury Home. Features Black Counters and Island, with White Woodwork and Cabinetry. Lights are Turned On.

Simplicity meets luxury with this striking kitchen that features white walls and cabinetry that allow the black quartz countertops and bold light fixtures above the island to stand out.

What sets this kitchen apart is the crisp detailing of the woodwork and the unusual black-trimmed windows that act as art pieces as they frame the nature outside your window. The deep brown hardwood flooring adds a gentle reprieve from the bold white and black color palette while also grounding the space.

Recreate this look by going all white for walls and cabinetry then bringing in black for countertops, window trim, cabinet hardware, and light fixture detailing. Opt for rounded accessories, such as the bar stool seats and lights, which bring softness to the room.

#3: Contemporary Rustic

Studio rustic style, 3D render

For a daring blend of rustic and contemporary, bring in kitchen elements that deliver a curated feel. Everything from the sophisticated furniture to the artistic flooring design expresses high-end comfort and style.

Using a mid-tone stain on beams and cabinetry plays well against the sharp architectural lines found in the color-matching pendant lights. The lack of upper cabinetry and the black countertops also help to minimize the “kitchen” feel.

Recreate this look by sticking to a neutral color palette of browns, tans, grays, and white. Choose cabinets and furniture with thick, solid lines that impart a feeling of richness. Then soften the look by choosing curved edges on the dining table, light fixtures, and the upholstered chairs.

#4: Tone on Tone Beauty

Renovated kitchen interior in blue tones

Elevate the look of a kitchen by selecting a soothing color shade, like the blue shown here, and going tone-on-tone for walls and cabinetry. The clean lines and focused lighting add a touch of sophistication.

Keeping the color palette minimal visually expands the space yet creates a feeling of warmth. Slightly different tones bring interest to the eye. The bright white ceiling and light tone countertops and floors save the look from becoming too bland and dark.

Recreate this look by sticking to one color in two shades only slightly apart. Paint the darker shade on the walls, then paint all cabinets, furniture, and shelving in the lighter tone. Hang a traditional-style chandelier in a metal finish that matches cabinetry hardware. Use track lighting along the ceiling perimeter to showcase interesting pottery and dishware. 

#5: Fresh and Crisp

Autumn kitchen decoration with pumpkins, turquoise loft style kitchen decorated for Halloween or Thanksgiving

Create a feeling of cheerfulness and outdoor freshness with a light and airy color palette in white and pale blue. The addition of natural wood and open shelving brings a touch of coastal vibe.

The vertical slats on the cabinet facings increase visual interest along with a touch of brass or gold-tone hardware the updates the look. The gentle tones are the ideal backdrop for a wide variety of bright and uplifting accent colors such as corals, oranges, pinks, greens, and lavenders.

Recreate this look by keeping walls, countertops, and furniture selections white. Choose a pale blue or mint paint for cabinetry and opt for delicate hardware and knobs in brass or gold. Natural wood and plenty of accent plants round out the design. 

#6: Unique Minimalist

Modern black and bronze kitchen interior with gray countertops. A bar with stools. Concept of a comfortable house. 3d rendering mock up

Minimalism doesn’t only come in white. Ramp up your space with this unparalleled kitchen design featuring a novel pairing of deep grey and copper that is relaxing and soothing to the senses.

What sets this kitchen apart is the large, cylindrical exhaust vent and modern pendant light that doubles as incredible works of art. The touch of copper in the stools and sink fixtures bring the room together while splashes of white add dimension without detracting from the fearless color combination.

Recreate this look by choosing walls, countertops, cabinetry, and large square floor tiles in a similar shade of grey. Balance the look with bold copper accessories that feature simple lines and rounded shapes. Maintain the seamless design by installing cabinet doors that forgo knobs.

#7: Artistic Beauty

Modern kitchen interior with wooden storage stand and ceramic dishware on light wall background

For artistic and straightforward kitchen design, use the walls as a dramatic backdrop to showcase your dishes and kitchen decor. Blending different pieces of wood cabinetry and shelving components in the same color tone makes the room look cohesive.

The open shelving and low-profile cabinetry allow the interesting wall texture to highlight your kitchenware collection. Stacking dishes in color blocks adds to the gallery feel while also being functional.

To recreate this look, apply a faux finish on the walls that consists of dry-brushing a deep gray in broad, vertical strokes over a lighter gray base. The organic flow of the pattern relaxes this look and highlights the natural tones of the cabinetry. You can also add bits of color with potted flowering plants to warm the space.

#8: Unconventional Tile

Kitchen with grey and white honeycomb wall tiles and wooden worktop,

Step away from the subway tile trend by opting for a fun take on old-school honeycomb tiles. The larger size and mix of gray and white on this kitchen backsplash can work in any style home, from contemporary to rustic to modern. 

The random patterning provides a touch of whimsy, yet imparts a heart-warming and vintage vibe. The color palette of white, natural wood, and soft grey is timeless and allows placement of accessories in any color to change up the look of the space.

Recreate this look with white walls and cabinets, and cover the kitchen backsplash with honeycomb tiles that are three inches or more in diameter. For a modern feel, leave the upper edges free-flowing instead of finishing them off in a straight line. Choose a natural butcher-block countertop and go with pastel decor that matches the intensity of the grey tiles.

#9: Upscale Tradition

Beautiful Custom Kitchen Interior in a New House.

Revitalize the look of traditional white cabinetry and granite countertops by using a mid-tone natural wood floor with wide planks for a look that can read both modern or rustic depending on the accessories you choose.

In this kitchen, the eye moves toward the industrial feel of the black, open-work metal light fixture over the island. The stainless steel appliances and sink fixtures blend with the brushed silver cabinet pulls, which work as neutral slate for bursts of color such as green or yellow that brighten the design.

Recreate this look by choosing white cabinetry with lots of rich wood detailing like crown molding and turned wood spindles on the island bar. Then choose a rosy, warm mid-tone stain for broad wood floor planks that match the tones in the granite countertop. Keep appliances and accents in low-key silver and choose a large, stunning light fixture as a focal point.

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