15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts: 20 Thoughtful Ideas

Are you looking for a unique 15th wedding anniversary gift?

Finding the perfect present for such a personal occasion can be challenging since crystal is the traditional gift to give. 

Commemorate a 15th wedding anniversary with any of these 20 thoughtful gift ideas. From modern to more traditional, you can tailor any of these options to fit your one and only perfectly!

#1: A Twist on Traditional Crystal

Select a unique watch to celebrate your time together. With a crystal face, it hints at tradition. But it’s also a practical, thoughtful gift when you choose a style that suits their personality. 

Take a peek at brands Halograph II or Swarovski for something unique that indicates you went out of your way to select the perfect design. 

Take the time to have it engraved, so it sparks a cherished memory and a smile. 

#2: A Tailored Weekend Escape

The most meaningful gift is the gift of time. Get a sitter for the kids and pets and turn your home into a retreat. 

Gift matching cozy robes from Plush Necessities. Give each other massages, take long walks. Order in your favorite foods and indulge

Laugh and reminisce about the highlights of your marriage. Sleep in, turn off the gadgets, put on your favorite music, and tune in to each other. 

Reconnecting over all the special moments of your marriage will strengthen your bond and remind you to take more time to nurture your relationship.

#3: Map of Memories

Remind yourselves of your love story by creating a custom-made art piece that details the first place you met, or the city you wed.

The Book of Everyone website specializes in framed map prints that you customize to suit your needs. The Map of Everyone, Romantic Edition, is ideal for commemorating your anniversary in a highly unique way. 

#4: Forever Flowers

For flower lovers, opt for a small round or square lidded crystal box, but fill the center with Venus et Fleur “forever” roses in a favorite color. 

These roses remain fresh-looking, and the scent lasts for a year. When the flower scent dissipates, the crystal box is a perfect place to stash jewelry or trinkets.

#5: Jewelry That Sparkles Like Your Love

From sophisticated high-end looks to one-of-a-kind handmade items, any crystal jewelry can celebrate your day in a meaningful way.

Earrings, such as timeless Elle hoops in silver and crystal by Kendra Scott, will remind her how thoughtful you are. 

A natural crystal tree-of-life pendant by Norse Spirit can be a meaningful gift for both men and women who appreciate handcrafted artistry.

#6: Watch Your Love Grow By Planting a Tree

Marking your special day by planting a tree together is a unifying gift that you can watch grow along with your love.

Select a tree that fits your relationship style. Are you both more serious and grounded? Go with a stable and robust Oak. 

If you’re fun-loving and adventurous, pick a flowering variety that bursts with colorful and cheerful blooms every spring. Are you both more artistic? Plant a visually appealing Japanese maple.

#7: Give an Ultimate Adventure

Giving your partner an exciting adventure for your anniversary shows how much you pay attention to what they really enjoy.

A thrill-seeker may enjoy a white-water rafting excursion. A hands-on crafter may love classes in knitting or glass-blowing, for those who enjoy cooking, set up a lesson from a professional chef.

Make the adventure for two and show your partner you’re willing to support their interests, which is another valuable gift you can give.

#8: Brighten Your Home with Love

Candles always make a great gift, but elevating the look by setting them inside stunning natural agate crystal holders are sure to be a winner. 

If your partner enjoys yoga or meditation, they will especially appreciate these candle holders. Find different colors and shapes at Rock Paradise, where many of the stone selections can bring forth energy that promotes feelings of calmness or harmony. 

#9: Cruise and Celebrate

A 15th wedding anniversary deserves serious celebrating by taking a journey on any of the Crystal Cruise Lines luxury, all-inclusive ships.

Unlike other cruise lines, Crystal specializes in unique destinations with voyages that can last anywhere from four to over 30 days.

Choose ocean or river adventures, or expeditions to remote locations. For the most pampering, book an intimate yacht cruise that can dock at ports large vessels can’t.

#10: Remember the Day with Garden Art

Does your partner have a green thumb or enjoy being outdoors? A piece of garden art is a fantastic anniversary gift that will always remind them of this special milestone.

The Metal Foundry’s 15th Wedding Anniversary Sundial is a sweet memento that is durable, gorgeous, and practical. The dates on the sundial update each year, and there are also options for other special occasions.

#11: Creative Crates for Him and Her

Why not get your man just what he loves with any of the wide selection of gifts from Man Crates. 

A compilation of delicious treats, spirits, beard care essentials, poker sets, BBQ accessories, and much more come complete in a nifty wooden crate or a custom package.

For women, choose from decadent treats from Olive & Cocoa or delicious cheese and wine pairings from Harry & David. Does she love to journal? Opt for the Night Writer Premium Leather Journal Anniversary Gift Box by Brilliant Gifts.

#12: Serve Up Food with Memories and Style

Charcuterie boards are on-trend, but why opt for a boring design? Stun your food-loving partner with a gorgeous crystal quartz platter with gold edges by HelloPosh. 

As a food tray, or as a display piece, they will cherish this one-of-a-kind, natural beauty for years to come.

#13: Toast to Your Love

Gift a quality bottle of their favorite spirit or wine along with distinctive crystal whiskey glasses, decanters, beer mugs, wine glasses, or champagne flutes.

Choose from high-end crystal designs from Baccarat or more affordable (and engravable) options from Cashs Ireland to enhance your entertaining experience. 

#14: Protect that Loving Gaze with Sunglasses

Why not protect the eyes of your loved one by getting them a pair of distinctive Ray-Ban sunglasses that have crystal lenses, so your gift stays on point with tradition.

The Ray-Ban G-15 crystal lens features a dark green undertone, while the Ray-Ban B-15 lens has a rich brown undertone. Both styles come in men’s and women’s sizes, so you can always choose to get a matching pair.

#15: A Collection of Books

To encourage your partner to take time for themselves and kick back with a book, present them with a gift card to their favorite bookseller.

Better yet, personally select some titles you feel they would enjoy. Take a moment to write a sweet note inside to mark the occasion.

#16: Globetrot in Unison

Matching carry-on or full luggage sets can make a fantastic anniversary gift that encourages you to bond over sharing new experiences.

Monos merges simplicity with a lifetime warranty, which means the suitcases will provide years of use. For her, add in a crystal luggage tag from Toronto Bling Bar to tie into the anniversary theme.

#17: Custom Phone Memories

Phone cases are a must-have item, so why not customize one for your partner with photos that celebrate your 15 years of commitment.

Shutterfly offers an array of designs for iPhone cases you can fill with pictures and wording to remember all your special moments. provides both iPhone and Galaxy cases.

#18: Romantic Picnic for Two

Wisk your mate away for a leisurely outdoor picnic in a location that holds a special place in your hearts.

Gift a Premium Somerset English-Style Willow Basket picnic from Cuda Kitchen that includes everything you need to have a comfy and romantic experience. Don’t forget to cook up a delicious meal or order from your favorite restaurant to fill the basket.

A high-quality picnic set will inspire you to use it often!

#19: Capture Love for the Future

A time capsule may seem like a strange anniversary gift, but think of all the fun you’ll have as a couple going through your trinkets and photos, selecting the items you hope to revisit on a future anniversary, like your 50th!

Let your kids write a note as well, and place it into a corrosion-proof and engravable stainless steel capsule by Jasni. Once buried, the capsule will last 200 years.

#20: Matching or Collaborative Ink

When you want a modern and thoughtful wedding anniversary gift for those who enjoy body art, give your partner a gift certificate to a talented tattoo artist.

Before you go, team up as a couple to design a truly meaningful tattoo that symbolizes your years of dedication to one another. 

A two-part tattoo design (one part on each of you) can fit next to each other to form one collaborative artwork and highlight your bond.

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