Bushy mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicas) planted in the stone garden.

How to Grow Mondo Grass

Mondo Grass is a landscaping lifesaver for difficult-to-maintain areas or places you want a dense, natural-looking border. Read this step by step care guide to become a Mondo Grass pr

Gardening - Gardener laying sod for the new lawn

How To Lay Sod: Step by Step Guide

Laying sod is a fast way to an amazing looking yard, whether your home is new construction or your grass is sparse and patchy. Follow this guide, and you can have a stunning, long-lasting yard that your neighbors will envy!

Close-up young rats (Rattus norvegicus) sniffs leftovers on a plate on sink at the kitchen. Fight with rodents in the apartment. Extermination.

How to Get Rid of Rats From Your Home

Does your home have a rat problem? In this guide, we’ll explain the signs of rat infestation and the steps you should follow to eradicate them from your house.

Hand of young woman painting wall in room

How to Paint on New Plaster: Step by Step Guide

Painting on fresh plaster walls can be tricky, so knowing the proper technique can mean the difference between success and failure. Do it the right the first time by following this step-by-step guide.

Sky Pencil Japanese Holly against old brick - Spring 2018 - Downtown Kernersville, North Carolina

How to Grow Sky Pencil Holly (Ilex Crenata)

Ilex Crenata, commonly known as Sky Pencil or Japanese Holly, is a tall, narrow, and evergreen holly often used in landscaping and small gardens. This versatile plant has tightly packed leaves, which makes it perfect for providing privacy as a hedge.

Female Hand With Finger On An Open, Pop-Up Drain Plug, Ready To Press And Close The Drain

How to Fix a Pop-Up Drain Stopper: Step-by-Step Guide

If your sink is not draining water, it’s because of one of two reasons: Your sink’s pop-up drain stopper is damaged, or the pivot rod is rusted or broken. Here’s how to fix it without calling in an expensive plumber.

Melted white candles wax on the wooden table at the coffee shop

How to Remove Candle Wax With Ease

Removing candle wax doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you use the right techniques. Drips or spills on fabric or carpet will be treated differently than those on glass, brick, and other harder and textured surfaces.

Drilling a hole in a ceramic tile

How to Drill Through Tile (No Cracks): Step by Step Guide

Many people get anxious about the idea of drilling a hole in a tile. Tiles are very dense, but also have very little tensile strength. Therefore, mistakes in drilling through them will cause cracking, and this is a costly mistake. The key here is preparation.

Close up of blooming yellow dandelion flowers (Taraxacum officinale) in garden on spring time. Detail of bright common dandelions in meadow at springtime. Used as a medical herb and food ingredient

How to Get Rid of Dandelions Forever

When it comes to getting rid of dandelions, the two easiest ways are to either pull them out manually or use herbicides. Read on to decide which method will work best for you.